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Programming is the core and first step in computer science curriculum. Programming involves program comprehension which refers to the process of understanding programs and software. Program comprehension is itself not an end goal, but rather a necessary step in all programming activities. For novices to learn programming skill requires conceptual understanding of the computer's execution model on an imaginary machine that can only understand computer programming language’s constructs. In introductory programming course, novices are expected to acquire conceptual understanding of computer’s execution model in very short time of few months. This creates a big problem for novices and also can be discouraging for them. Introductory programming course instructors draw diagrams on whiteboard to illustrate program execution and to teach program comprehension skills. But this teaching methodology to teach program execution is tedious and error prone, since it involves a lot of manual work that remains imaginary for students until witnessed practically. Some introductory programming course instructors use PowerPoint Slides. This method is only good when instructor is going to teach pre-designed program. Obviously PowerPoint slides are not developed on the spot to correctly describe programs other than pre-designed program. It has also been widely debated whether pre-designed programs should be used to teach programming or live coding is more effective. To help novices in solving initial programming problems designed for learning and to help instructors to make teaching more effective, many visualization tools has been developed.

PyDesk Visualizer is the desktop based Python Visualizer. It helps you to visualize Python Code. So one can easily understand execution of program

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